Celebrating National Root Canal Appreciation Day

Sonendo, Inc., a leading dental technology company and developer of the GentleWave® System, has celebrated the National Root Canal Appreciation Day on 12 May 2021.

National Root Canal Appreciation Day occurs during the American Association of Endodontists Save Your Tooth Month, presenting an excellent opportunity for Sonendo and the endodontic community to emphasise the value of root canal treatment.

Modern endodontics offers advancements in innovation like the GentleWave Procedure, which is instrumental in saving natural teeth.

Bjarne Bergheim, president and chief executive officer of Sonendo, stated: “Endodontists are often the unsung heroes in dentistry as not everyone understands their role or the significance in preserving natural teeth whenever possible. We are proud to have completed over 600,000 GentleWave Procedures accounting for over 600,000 patients whose pain and infection was resolved, and natural teeth saved by endodontists. We want to express our gratitude and celebrate endodontists for the vital services they provide.”

Hoping to change the negative perceptions many people hold of root canal treatment, GentleWave advocate and endodontist, Dr Sonia Chopra from North Carolina, United States, is observing National Root Canal Appreciation Day by highlighting the challenging cases she has been able to resolve for her patients.

Sonendo’s GentleWave Procedure is at the forefront of the next evolution of endodontic technology and transforming the patient experience.

The GentleWave System uses patented, novel technology to deliver more thorough cleaning and disinfection to the entire root canal system — even in the microscopic places where bacteria can hide — and leaves more of the tooth structure intact1,2.

Most GentleWave Procedures can be performed in one visit3, and in general, patients find the procedure to be comfortable and report minimal to no pain after the procedure4.

Additionally, the system releases virtually no aerosolised material into the air during normal use5, potentially reducing the threat of the spread of airborne infection — such as COVID-19 — to patients, clinicians, and their staff.

Procedure instruments for the GentleWave System also come pre-sterilised and single-use, minimising the risk of exposure from one patient to the next.


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