Ceramic cutters for acrylics and pre-sintered zirconia     

K424GQSR 060 and K429X 040

BUSCH has introduced the KERA series, the cutter innovation made of white ceramic.  The KERA series features the characteristic properties of the high-performance ceramic used. The major advantages are that they are up to 25% lighter than the carbide version, and that they offer pleasant temperature characteristics and smooth material surfaces.

The series includes eight different ceramic cutters in “X” and “GQSR” cut designs. The five ceramic cutters with the medium double cut are optimal for processing/shape milling all conventional dental acrylics, from bite-guard splints, prosthesis bases, and tray acrylics to orthodontic work.

The three ceramic cutters with their coarse, swift-cutting GQSR design are optimally suited for processing soft and non-hardening acrylics, such as deep drawn mouth guard trays or non-hardening relinings.

Pre-sintered zirconia can be processed with both cut designs, from separating, contouring, to cleaning the points of attachment and separating pre-sintered zirconia from the blank.

The ceramic cutters are not suitable for use on metal. All cutters are labeled on the shank with the BUSCH logo and product name for clear identification.