CEREC Premium SW 4.4: More Options for Your Practice Lab

Sirona’s new CEREC Premium SW 4.4 now allows dentists with a practice lab to treat cases that go beyond what could previously be handled chair-side. This is now possible due to the extended range of indications, a larger selection of processing tools and the support of the inEos X5 and inEos Blue extraoral scanners.

Excellent CEREC initial proposals now also in your practice lab: with the new CEREC Premium SW 4.4.

Sirona is now offering even more options for the practice lab with the expanded CAD/CAM software CEREC Premium 4.4. It links the integrated patient-oriented workflow of the CEREC chair-side software with the wide range of indications of inLab software. From crowns to bridges and other sophisticated restorations, all work steps can be carried out using just one software in combination with the versatile CEREC milling units.

Patient-oriented workflows

The expanded indications allow the practice lab to also construct and produce crown copings, bridge frameworks, bridges with anatomical connectors, bars and telescopes. This means indications previously sent outside the practice can now be performed in the practice. Dentists may use the CEREC Omnicam or CEREC Bluecam for intraoral scanning, but the CEREC Premium SW 4.4 also supports Sirona’s extraoral scanners inEos X5 and inEos Blue, enabling even most complex cases.

Many new or further developed tools also improve the machining process. By means of the innovative “Biojaw” algorithm or access to dental tooth databases, the dentist receives excellent initial proposals. The clinical quality is improved as a result of the higher degree of detail, sharper preparation margins and the ability to create the smallest fissures during the grinding process. User-friendliness was also increased via new side panels and improved tools.

More treatments in less time

The new features of CEREC Premium SW 4.4 and the seamless treatment process ensure shorter, simpler and therefore patient-oriented workflows because restorations for a wide range of indications can be prepared in one session or on the same day. Like all CEREC software, CEREC Premium SW 4.4 allows an optimal digital workflow by sending and receiving digital impressions and restoration data via the Sirona Connect Portal. The portal forms the link between CEREC and inLab system components.

CEREC Premium offers a considerably wider range of indications than the CEREC software for manufacturing restorations in the practice lab.