CEREC Primemill now even more versatile and comfortable for excellent in-house milling quality

The CEREC Primemill milling and grinding unit, which was introduced a year ago, continues to win over users with its quick and easy fabrication of chairside restorations. Dentsply Sirona constantly strives to improve its solutions by taking advantage of initial feedback from its customers. With a few additions, CEREC Primemill now delivers even more added value to the entire CEREC workflow in terms of materials, performance, and ease of use.

CEREC Primemill took the CEREC system to a new level of quality when it was launched a year ago: chairside dentistry is now faster, offers a wide range of materials, is easy to work with and ensures excellent results. CEREC users in around 50 countries are already taking advantage of the benefits of working with the new unit.

Dentsply Sirona recently introduced the CEREC SW 5.1.3 update, which includes 17 newly validated materials for the CEREC Primemill including PMMA for surgical guides and bridge blocks for grinded processes.

With this update, 49 different materials from nine different manufacturers are now validated for the unit. Restorations can now be made with ease from a wide range of materials including feldspar, hybrid and glass ceramics, lithium disilicate ceramics, zirconia, PMMA, and composites.

Through these enhancements, the company has improved the ease of use, functionality, and stability – based on valuable insights gained from an intensive feedback exchange with the first users.

The results were essentially achieved by updating the software. The close cooperation with their partners in dental offices pays off, especially with new technologies, and helps to optimise new product solutions for daily use in practice. The update requires a pre-installed version of CEREC SW 5.1.2.

For new CEREC users, CEREC Primemill, and in particular the zirconia workflow, represents an excellent start to the chairside treatment.

Dr Petra Volz, dentist from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, a CEREC user since 2019, shared that the new CEREC is a real asset for her practice.

She said, “I always want to offer my patients dentistry at the highest level of dental technology. The entire CEREC system including CEREC Primemill is a perfect example of this. My patients are delighted with how quickly they can be provided with a zirconium crown, for example, and only need to come to the practice once. This is currently very important to many patients.”

CEREC Primemill offers excellent results, quickly and easily

The feedback provided by customers shows that CEREC Primemill helps advance treatment quality, particularly in terms of accuracy, speed, and ease of use. Users report that from their experience, they can arrange patient appointments differently because the workflow has become much faster.

This is also supported by the fact that work steps that do not take place directly on the patient can be delegated. Ultimately, dentists gain more exclusive time for their patients to make them feel comfortable.

For Dr Josef Kunkela, dentist from Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic, there are two aspects in particular that convince him about CEREC Primemill: remarkable accuracy and precision in the occlusal fit and an aesthetic result that is virtually impossible to distinguish from the natural tooth. He said, “I achieve these aspects with CEREC Primemill. I see impressive results along the margins and a smooth surface. And all of this is accomplished at a surprising speed.”

Dr Karyn Halpern, a dentist from Port Jefferson, New York, United States, can hardly imagine everyday practice without CEREC Primemill. “Thanks to new tools and improved technology we experience a smart workflow with a really fast milling process. The CEREC Primemill allows a full-surface glass-ceramic crown to be fabricated chairside in a single session very quickly and efficiently while meeting high aesthetic demands,” she shared.

Further improving profitability with CEREC

In addition to the developments in the clinical area, there are also advantages in profitability. These include saving time in the grinding and milling process itself compared to previously available units.

With CEREC Primemill, restorations, especially those made of zirconia, can be milled even faster thanks to new tools and improved technology, which ultimately also has a time saving impact on the entire workflow.

The ability to grind or mill restorations with high accuracy and precision including the milling of zirconia crowns in Super Fast mode in as little as about five minutes opens the door for even more efficient fabrication of ceramic restorations.

CEREC Primemill has also received the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in 2020. The jury was particularly impressed with the dynamic design and the intense black-and-white contrasts highlighting the efficiency and precision of the grinding and milling machine. The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

“We have developed another component of the CEREC system and thereby established a new setup that is seamlessly integrated – both in terms of design and functionality,” said Dr Alexander Völcker, group vice president at Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM. “We are proud of our CEREC Primemill grinding and milling unit because it is both perfect for the present and prepared for what we have planned – we have just shown this by adding further features with the newest update. This system simply grows with its possibilities and is ready for the new dimension – the all-new CEREC.”