Colgate Total® Encourages Women to Refresh, Restore and Repair their Health during the 17th Annual National Women’s Health Week

One of the most overlooked small steps women can take to help improve their overall health is better oral care habits. Leading up to National Women’s Health Week, which begins on May 8 and runs through May 14, Colgate Total® invites women across the country to pledge to Refresh, Restore and Repair their health from mouth to toe.

Small changes to your daily routine, such as using the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen, can help improve your overall oral health. This new regimen is comprised of Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste and a fluoride Mouthwash that help kill bad breath germs while also helping to repair daily damage to teeth*.

To join the movement for empowering women to make their health a priority, Colgate Total® is encouraging consumers to share a “healthy selfie” on social media using #MyColgateSelfie and #NWHW. A “healthy selfie” is simply a photo of you participating in any activity that contributes to overall health and wellness, whether it’s enjoying a nutritious snack, getting in a quick yoga session, enjoying the outdoors with your family, or using Colgate Total® to help improve your oral health.

“Too often, women put their health on the backburner without even realising it,” said Mr. Philip Durocher, Vice President and General Manager, US Oral Care Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive. “National Women’s Health Week reminds women to put their health first.”


* Remineralises enamel damage