Connect to the (Work-)Flow: Amann Girrbach connects the workflow of laboratories and dental practices for restorations

“Connect to the (Work-)Flow” — with this motto, Amann Girrbach summarises the essence of the company’s strategy in its LMT LAB DAY Chicago campaign: to connect treatment processes in dental laboratories and dental practices intelligently, simply and end-to-end in a perfect dental workflow.

Visitors will be given the opportunity to experience this live at the LMT LAB DAY in Chicago. The complete digital workflow as well as individual product highlights and innovations will be made tangible on site.

At the dental industry’s leading laboratory event in the US, which will be held in Chicago from 23-25 Feb 2023, Amann Girrbach will be showcasing an optimised and integrated end-to-end process chain for dental restorations on its booth in the Grand Ballroom CD South, East Tower, Gold Level.

“As the ‘open workflow company’ in the dental industry, Amann Girrbach will introduce visitors to digital workflows spanning the entire work process. Our objective is to holistically connect dental laboratories and dental practices for the benefit of patients: the reason being, that in a perfect dental (work) flow, everything is smart, simple and seamlessly interwoven to allow users to concentrate fully on their work. To combine analogue and digital steps, products and services in a safe and open system, to ultimately make everyone’s daily work easier through high reproducibility of work and to create better patient care,” explained Wolfgang Reim, CEO of Amann Girrbach.

At the newly designed booth, new digital standards in dental technology will be showcased and demonstrated live on site. Room for an exchange with colleagues and product experts is also fore-seen.

Under the umbrella of the motto ‘Connect to the (Work-)Flow’, Amann Girrbach would like to offer an invitation to become part of a movement that connects and benefits collectively from digital achievements.

“We are familiar with dental practice and all its hurdles and see our task not only in providing excellent products, but also in optimising the entire workflow right through to numerous service offerings,” emphasised Reim.

With innovations such as the workflow management platform AG.Live and the interdisciplinary Ceramill DRS (Direct Restoration Solution) system, the company is consistent in pursuing this objective.

“We enable users in dental practices and laboratories to do something that a single product alone cannot achieve: we deliver an open overall system with established analogue and innovative digital products that ensures significant time and cost savings,” said Reim.

All with the aim of already making dentistry of tomorrow better today. For dental laboratories, dental practices and the patients.