Copy denture technique with VITA MFT: Case report

The VITA Multifunctional Teeth (MFT) offers reproducible and reliable rehabilitations for a fair price-performance ratio. This case report demonstrates how efficient and aesthetic results can be created with the copy denture technique using VITA MFT.

By Darius Northey



The teeth of the patient’s old and unstable Fig. 1 dentures were severely worn. The vertical dimension was diminished, and a malocclusion established. The dentures were stabilised with soft relining material to find a new, raised centric relation (Figs. 1-2). After that, both dentures were copied with the help of a silicone matrix and articulated in the determined centric relation (Figs. 3, 4 and 6).

The copies of the teeth were gradually reduced and then set (Figs. 7-10). Mucodynamic impressions were taken with the new setups, which were poured in and rearticulated after the successful clinical try-in (Figs. 11-16). Finally, the rehabilitations were processed in polymer, finished, and polished (Figs. 17 and 18). The results were functional and aesthetic rehabilitations which had been manufactured efficiently and economically (Figs. 19-21). The frail patient was satisfied with the quick procedure and the outcome (Figs. 22 and 23).

Fig. 5: The VITA MFT Anteriors with their natural morphology and life-like play of light and colours
Fig. 9: After the front setup had been realised, the molar areas were reduced and replaced with VITA MFT Posteriors
Fig. 23: The new dentures looked natural and harmonised well with their intraoral environment


The morphology of VITA MFT Anterior is designed according to aesthetic rules. Its tooth axis, angle characteristics and dimensions of the basal tooth neck simulate the shape of natural front teeth (Fig. 5). The surface texture establishes a life-like appearance, and the structural composition conforms the tooth anatomy. The well-arranged neck, dentin and enamel layers lead to an aesthetic play of light and colours with harmonic shade gradients and reflecting mamelon structures.

To read the full article, click here or refer to Dental Asia March/April 2024 issue.


Darius Northey Jade Dental Laboratory

Darius Northey is a denturist from Buderim, Australia who specialises in acrylic cases, working with dentists and also directly with patients. He graduated as a dental technician in 1993 after working in the family business for many years, before establishing his own dental laboratory, Jade Dental Laboratory, in 2006 in Sydney, Australia.

Northey has a strong interest in furthering his education and attends regular courses and seminars, completing an ‘Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics’ in 2006. He also lectures in Australia and overseas on implant over dentures and CAD/CAM bars.