Croatian dental practice wins 100,000th raffle by W&H

Dr Damir Šehić from Poreč in Croatia won the raffle and chose Lisa steriliser model by W&H

W&H reached a milestone in its steriliser production last October, when the 100,000th steriliser left the factory in Brusaporto, Italy. For this special occasion, a steriliser of the winner’s choice was raffled off via the W&H Instagram channel.

Participants from all over the world tried their luck in the raffle to celebrate 100,000 sterilisers produced at W&H Sterilisation. In the end, Damir Šehić from Poreč in Croatia won the lottery. He was able to choose a steriliser that would best suit the needs of his practice. Due to the winner’s geographical proximity to the production facility in Brusaporto, Šehić was spontaneously invited to visit W&H during an overnight stay to collect his prize and at the same time tour the production site.

Šehić commented: “I can’t believe I actually won this competition. W&H provides us dental practitioners with first-class products, and it was a great experience to see the production process as well. In our practice ‘Smile Concept Dental Studio’ we use the W&H Implantmed SI-1023 and are very pleased with it. I am really grateful for the brand-new Lisa steriliser. It will complement our equipment perfectly.”

Šehić was picked up by W&H territory manager Damjan Gorenc in Poreč. In Brusaporto, product manager Simone Facagni and technical service manager Yannick Devin showed the raffle winner around the premises, explained the production process and demonstrated various devices. The highlight was when Dr Šehić received his prize. Together with his team at ‘Smile Concept’ in Poreč, he decided on the Lisa steriliser model for his practice.