Crossing Borders for Care: How Beyond Borders is Revolutionising Dental Treatment for Americans

When it comes to the skyrocketing prices of dental care for Americans, Beyond Borders Dental LLC is challenging the status quo. This New Mexico-based company has created a unique model for providing clients with an alternative – affordable, high-quality dental care in Mexico. As the nation’s first Dental Concierge Service, they’ve packaged dental treatment, lodging and roundtrip transportation from Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Palomas, Mexico.

On average, patients save 50 to 80 per cent by going to Mexico for care – literally thousands of dollars. Tens of thousands of Americans travel each year seeking a low-cost alternative to the rising cost of care in the US. Beyond Borders concierge service make an important contribution by making that process both safe and easy.

“When my husband and I saved $5000 on dental work in Palomas, I wanted to make this available to everyone. So many people delay getting the dental work they need because they can’t afford it,” said Beyond Borders’ President and Founder Terri Heeter. With common dental procedures like crowns and root canals starting at under $300, clients can expect to save big and still receive high-quality care.

Beyond Borders’ goal is to take all of the worry out of getting dental services in Mexico and makes every effort to ensure that each client has the best experience possible. Clients who choose Beyond Borders can expect to have every detail taken care of. All clinics are vetted by a four-step quality evaluation process. Not only are their dentists highly trained and credentialed, but they also guarantee clients will be fully satisfied with their treatment – if a client is unhappy, the dentists will modify, adjust or redo their work as necessary.

“We are not just a dental referral service,” said Beyond Borders’ CEO Ralph Grosswald. “We evaluate our clinics very carefully with regular site visits, and know the dentists and their staffs well. We also continuously monitor the satisfaction of our clients. It’s safe and affordable, and it couldn’t be easier.  We handle every detail – scheduling the appointments with our approved clinics, making lodging arrangements, and all transportation to and from the border.”

Yoichi K. needed four root canals, which would have cost over $4000 in the US. With Beyond Borders his treatment was less than $1000. “I knew about people getting dental work in Mexico, but I was afraid to go down there for treatment,” said Yoichi. “I was really surprised at how smooth it went. Crossing the border into Mexico is easy. I felt really comfortable. Beyond Borders escorts you through the whole process, they are right there with you.”