Crosstex Broadens Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Accutron Inc.

Cantel Medical Corporation subsidiary, Crosstex, continues its’ market diversification and expansion with the acquisition of Accutron Inc., the industry leading manufacturer of “conscious sedation” nitrous oxide delivery systems and nasal masks. Conscious sedation in dentistry is used to put the patient in a relaxed state during a dental procedure and is currently used in more than 50 per cent of all dental practices and more than 90 per cent of paediatric dental practices. Conscious sedation is safe and effective, induces a relaxed state, decreases anxiety and physical movement, and may eliminate the need for local anaesthesia in certain instances. This allows the practitioner to deliver better patient care. All Accutron products are FDA compliant, carry the CE Mark, are registered with Health Canada and manufactured in their ISO 13485 facility in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

“Conscious sedation and the safety and comfort of the patient have always been the focus of our company. From the very beginning, we strived to be the market leader and innovator in conscious sedation technology,” stated Mr. Jonathan Blasdell Accutron Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He went on to state, “We firmly believe that by coming together as one and combining the strengths of the Crosstex marketing network, Accutron’s technology and manufacturing capabilities, and the continued utilisation and professionalism of the PSA sales team, we can increase the understanding and expand the use of conscious sedation in dentistry.” Mr. Andrew Whitehead, Senior Vice President of Business Development stated, “Crosstex continues to diversify and expand its product portfolio and the markets it serves – all directly related to enhancing the patient experience as it relates to infection prevention, patient safety and comfort. In the past 18 months, we have acquired and become the market leader in dental unit waterlines with the acquisitions of DentaPure and Liquid Ultra; entered the industrial market with the acquisition of the NAMSA sterility assurance products division; and have now entered the small equipment/conscious sedation market with the acquisition of Accutron.”

“With the strong support of our global distribution partners and our marketing/educational focus, we will elevate the awareness of conscious sedation as it relates to increased production for the dental practitioner, as well as improving the patient experience in terms of infection prevention, safety and comfort.” stated Mr. Gary Steinberg, President and CEO, Crosstex. “The addition of Accutron and their employees compliments our strategic vision. Their presence also strengthens our relationship within the dental community, both domestically and internationally, bringing increased awareness to our existing portfolio of infection prevention, safety and compliance products.” – Krysten McCumber