DenMat® Launches PeriOptix Loupes to the International Space Station

PeriOptix®, DenMat’s magnification and illumination division, is excited to announce that its products have been selected for use by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The PeriOptix Panoramic loupes launched on a commercial re-supply mission for NASA, flown aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft on their ninth re-supply flight, which successfully launched out of Cape Canaveral early in the morning on July 18th. The flip-up loupes, historically used by dental and medical professionals, will be used for various scientific experiments and tasks aboard the space station. These specific loupes were chosen because they are lightweight and can be shared with the different crew members over the next few years.

PeriOptix has been developing and manufacturing top of the line, innovative loupes and headlight systems since 1999. This most recent selection by the ISS team is another exciting achievement in a long list of accomplishments and another testament to the quality and reliability of PeriOptix loupes.