Dental Asia January/February 2020


All that Glitters is Not Gold
Dr. Gerald Tan seems to have been dealt with a good hand of cards in life: Alumnus of the prestigious AngloChinese School, Founder of Elite Dental Group Singapore, Global Head of the Dental Division of Novena Global Lifecare (a Singaporean Healthcare Conglomerate), and the youngest and longest-serving President of the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore (ADSS), just to name a few. But if you were to speak to him, he would contend that life is not just a matter of holding good cards, but also playing a poor hand well and relying on good old-fashioned resilience.

The Gold Standard: IPS e.max Press
In 1990, Westerburger Kontakte, a private postgraduate dental training institute, offered the first course on ceramic crowns, inlays and veneers. Today, as was the case almost 30 years ago, it is still considered quite an amazing feat that ceramics can be used in the same way as gold alloys.

Journey in Digital Dentistry: Fact or Fashion
Held on 10th November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Journey in Digital Dentistry: Fact or Fashion, brought together 155 dentists and dental experts for a packed day of programmes into the whys and hows, dos and don’ts in digital dentistry.