Dental Asia January/February 2024


The calling of an association
Empowering community responsibility, being seen by the public, and informing oral health strategies: These ideas only scratch the surface of how Dr Mas Suryalis, president of the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) hopes to raise the profile of her association and improve oral health outcomes for all Malaysians.

Into the Dentaverse
With the rise of virtual reality (VR) technologies, virtual events could soon be a staple of the dental industry. Floris Keyzer and Leyla Ibrahimli from dental Web3 and mixed reality platform Dentaverse share the potential of the virtual world, and their vision to make dental education, networking, and events, more accessible and immersive for its users.

Same-Day dentistry with 3D-printed crowns: Case report
Advancements in technologies and materials enable dentists to offer patients with highly aesthetic and definitive restorations in just one visit. In this case report, Dr Michael Weiß discusses the workflow and techniques in using additive manufacturing and ceramic-filled hybrid materials to provide highly aesthetic results for same-day restorations.