Dental Asia July/August 2020


Fundamental Principles in Designing Reprocessing Areas
Hygiene adviser of the W&H Group, Christian Stempf, discusses how dental practitioners have a duty of care to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to patients and staff through infection control measures.

3Shape: Upper Full Arch Rehabilitation Using 3D Printed Temporary Restorations
79-year-old male patient presented an unremarkable health history. Examination (both clinical and radiographic) indicated moderate to advanced bone loss affecting many of his upper and lower teeth; secondary decay was diagnosed on the abutments of his fixed dental prosthesis, and Teeth 15, 16 and 28 had a poor prognosis and were planned for extraction.

Waldo Zarco Nosti: How One becomes a Digital Team Player
For the past 12 years, Waldo Zarco Nosti has been using DentalCAD for about eight to 10 hours a day, designing more than 60,000 cases for dental patients. To him, the exocad software become a way of thinking, working, and living. With Smile Creator and exoplan, it has given him greater control and has helped him to improve communication between him and the patients.