Dental Asia July/August 2021


Under the spotlight: Behind every success, there is persistence
Dr Ryan Tse, founder of Perfect Smile Esthetic Center in Hong Kong and chairperson of The Hong Kong Society of Esthetic Dentistry, shares how his hard work, persistence, and willingness to adopt modern concepts and techniques have paved the success of his career.

Clinical Feature: Achieving predictable results with Anthogyr Axiom Short Implant
Due to bone resorption secondary to tooth extraction, clinicians commonly perform maxillary sinus lift procedure to restore missing upper first molar with an implant, especially if the site is left untreated for a long time. Dr Sebrina Abdul Malik presents an alternative and more conservative treatment approach to reduce the surgical downtime and risk of complication by using a “short and fat” implant from Anthogyr.

Behind the Scenes: Polishing of dental hybrid materials
Dr Frank Weber and MDT Manfred Tauber present a technical and scientific analysis depicting how Renfert Polish hybrid materials addresses the challenge in achieving fast and economical polishing for indirect restorations fabricated with a combination of ceramics and polymers.