Dental Asia March/April 2023


Same-day dentistry made a reality by Ackuretta
With 3D printing, dental models, surgical guides, and even dentures can now be fabricated faster than ever. By ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality in every print, dental professionals can rely on Ackuretta to provide premium yet accessible 3D printing solutions.

Using occlusion technology to simplify and improve functional risk assessment
Dr Lee Ann Brady discusses how dental occlusion technology provides insights and data-driven results that can offer clinicians a more complete picture of a patient’s temporomandibular joint and how it contributes to temporomandibular disorders.

Heralding the era of digital dental technicians
CAD/CAM dental technician Kristina Vaitelytė shares her influences in pursuing a career in dental technology and gives a millennial’s view on how digital workflows can attract more young people to the dental field.