Dental Asia May/June 2020


A visionary leader – Dr. Paul Weigl
Dr. Paul Weigl is an inventor and an educator. In fact, one can call him an innovation champion. Here, he shares with Dental Asia what his passion stands for and his vision as a leader.

Part I: Correcting Excessive Overbites with V-Bend Activations of Super Elastic Wires
This two-part article describes a simple, effective and clinically applicable alternative bite-opening technique using V-bends on super elastic wires that are created by new orthodontic pliers.

An Exciting Change – A Comparison of the IPS d.SIGN and IPS Style Ceramic Systems
Change is exciting – also in day-to-day dental lab work. The author switched to using IPS Style layering ceramic some time ago. Before he started working with this ceramic system, he thoroughly tested the material and compared it to the product he had previously used.