Dental Asia September/October 2021


3D Systems as a forerunner in digital revolution
Now that the dental field is going through fundamental changes — coming from analogue and moving towards digital workflows — Mr Stef Vanneste, vice-president and general manager of Dental at 3D Systems, shares 3D Systems’ role in revolutionising the industry with their wide range of trusted and reliable digital solutions.

Harness the power of air with the Primea Advanced Air turbine handpiece
Combining the benefits of an electric motor with those of a turbine handpiece, W&H Primea Advanced Air turbine features precise setting of the recommended rotary bur speed according to material and process step as well as the constant removal rate, even with increasing pressure on the bur during preparation. Dr Grant Dean shares his workflow and how using the Advanced Air technology has modified it.

Maxillary premolar inlay restorations with Permanent Crown Resin
3D printing of dental restorations addresses the increasing patients’ needs for more efficient treatment solutions. Thus, Dr Édouard Lanoiselée (in collaboration with Argoat Prothèse Dentaire) presents a step-by-step overview of creating inlay restorations using an indirect CAD/CAM process, achieving an economical solution without compromising the aesthetic results.