Dental Asia September/October 2023


Teledentistry: A 2023 perspective
From an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the modality of teledentistry grew in both importance and relevance in providing continued care amidst disruption to contact services. In a post-COVID setting, the merits of teledentistry still remain in making dental care more accessible in rural areas, providing greater convivence and flexibility for patients, and improving efficiency in dental workflows.  

Elevating “Made in China”
What was once simply a production label or a euphemism for ‘poor-quality’ is undergoing a redefinition in both its meaning, and the surrounding market landscape it embodies. Frank Tien of Bondent Group, lends his perspective on the Chinese manufacturer’s growth in the past two decades, and changes in the mindsets and capabilities of the Chinese market.   

How does AI-driven slicing software work?
Be it the mobile device one carries or the vehicle one rides, all too often, whether for the sake of time or complexity, we tend to overlook the devices and instruments that drive the world around us. With the help of Ackuretta, their experts provide a concise and uncomplicated lesson on how AI-driven slicing software operates, to empower dentists and technicians to be more confident in their craft.