Dental Health Week kicks off in Australia with focus on mouth and whole-body connection

Mind, body, mouth it’s all connected: That is the tagline reinforcing the Dental Health Week (DHW) 2023 campaign’s focus on the mouth and whole-body connection.

DHW is the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) annual oral health campaign which will last from 7-13 Aug 2023. It aims to convey the importance of taking steps to care for one’s teeth and gums.

There are links between diseases in the mouth and diseases in the body (Image: Australian Dental Association)

According to the campaign, almost half of the Australian population has one or more chronic diseases. And yet, a 2021 study out of James Cook University determined that 70% of patients with major systemic conditions had poor knowledge on the relationship between their conditions and oral health. Considering this, the campaign will focus on six systemic health connections:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Adverse pregnancy outcomes
  5. Lung conditions
  6. Inflammatory bowel disease

The ADA’s main oral health messages and the four key messages of the DHW reinforce the importance of maintaining good oral health.