Dental Intel, Inc. Releases New Provider Pulse Dashboard Tool to All US-Based Clients

CEO indicates pulse will allow partners unprecedented insight into key dental practice metrics


Provo, Utah, USA – Dental Intel announced that the company has released its Provider Pulse, a propriety business intelligence application for use as part of the Dental Intel Business Intelligence Dashboard. Dental Intel’s cloud-based application gives dental practices unprecedented insight into their electronic practice management data and metrics.

Dental Intel’s Provider Pulse gives dental practice owners and managers the ability to track provider performance within a practice, based on industry-standard measurements. Dentists will also now be able to view how they and their production staff are performing in comparison to the most efficient dental practices throughout the US.

“The Provider Pulse is going to transform the way dental practices measure success,” said Weston Lunsford, Dental Intel’s founder and CEO. “By providing dental practice owners and managers with the ability to view – in real-time and on any device – how their team is performing, our clients are now enabled to make business decisions based on actionable data, instead of through immeasurable, outdated and inaccurate information.”

Before Dental Intel’s Dashboard was introduced in 2015, dental practices had no way of accessing all of their crucial practice data in an integrated, accurate and mobile solution. Dental Intel now gives dental providers the ability to view performance, financial and other metrics in a web-based, business intelligence dashboard. Providers receive a Daily Review via email of trends and opportunities they can share with their team for use in celebrating successes while also developing plans to improve in areas of opportunity.

With thousands of active practice providers, Dental Intel is the market leader in providing dentists with actionable metrics that, when implemented, improve team performance, profitability and office culture. The Provider Pulse is the latest in a series of enhancements affirming Dental Intel’s ongoing commitment to helping partners achieve measurable, sustainable growth.