Dental Issues Cause Pain in Head, Back

Seventy five per cent of unexpected headaches and back pains are due to dental problems, said dentists in the 43rd Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference. The root cause of migraines, lingering headaches, one-side headache and severe pain around the neck or in the back is due to dental problems. Dr. Jawla Chaitanya, senior dentist, said, “Most of these pains are because of the sensitivity of the nerves below the teeth. Some suffer severe regular headaches because their wisdom tooth is infected. Others are found to have infection in the gums, which causes the headache. Investigations have found that the pain travels from the nerve under the teeth and expresses itself in the head.”

In some cases, the pain is found to travel to the neck, leading to severe pain in the neck and shoulders. Dr. Harish Salve, senior dentist, said, “Sometimes, the infection is too deep in the gums and at that time, the pain is found to affect the upper back area.” Incidentally, patients mistake it to be a problem with the nerves and visit neurologists.

Dentists claim that if continuous headaches occur, then it is important to get a dental check-up done. – Deccan Chronicle