DentalMonitoring: Building the future of connected orthodontics

Mr Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring

Founded in 2014, DentalMonitoring is the first patented AI-based company targeting the needs of orthodontists and dentists. Led by Mr Philippe Salah, the company aims to help doctors improve the quality of care they provide to patients. In this article, he shares how the company co-creates the future of orthodontics with dental professionals who are already experiencing the full benefits of the virtual practice solutions.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), DentalMonitoring (DM) is a suite of software solutions that allows dental professionals to follow and assess patients’ treatment remotely. Since its founding in 2014, the company has grown exponentially with about 350 employees across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Over the years, DentalMonitoring has successfully revolutionised the delivery of dental care and redefined patient experience. According to Mr Philippe Salah, chief executive officer of DM, the group’s strategy is based on innovation and new technology reflected by the number of theirteam members focused on research and development (R&D).

He shared, “Out of 350 ‘DMers’ – that’s what we call our employees – more than 170 are focused on the development of our platform. R&D and innovation are the heart of our model, and we’ve managed to maintain a spirit of collaboration in which everyone, regardless of their position, can come up with the idea that will be developed tomorrow.”

As an innovative company driven by a pioneering vision, their suite of software is designed to help dental professionals throughout the patient’s journey.From initial virtual consultations to patient engagement and remote monitoring for all types of treatments, DentalMonitoring brings efficiency to the practice, and bridge communication gap between in-clinic appointments.

In addition, the platform can adapt to the needs and preferences of each dental professional, offering multiple advantages, such as the use of SmileMate, which allows the first intra-oral assessment to be conducted remotely.

“From a few photos taken by the patient with their smartphone, and submitted via the AI engine; the practitioner can detect 19 common observations and automate. This makes it easier to detect emergencies, reassure patients, and attract new ones,” explained Mr Salah.

Still, some practitioners are overlooking the advantages of the virtual practice solutions and keeping a conservative approach in adopting the technology.

“Changing one’s habits is never easy, especially when a process is already in place and works well,” he noted. But with the increasing demand for convenience from patients as well as the need to gain efficiency, it poses a compelling reason to go digital.

“In a few years, practices that have not yet shifted to digital technologies might be left behind,” he commented.

On top of bringing unmatched technology to all practices, DentalMonitoring is committed in assisting dental professionals in their transition, allowing for a smooth and seamless shift.

“We don’t intend to change the organisation of the practice. Rather, our technology adapts to every practitioner,following their preferences and treatment philosophy,” said Mr Salah.

He also emphasised that their expert team members are dedicated in providing timely and relevant solutions for each of their customer’s digital journey.

Continue reading here. Published in Dental Asia May June 2021 issue.