DentalMonitoring launches DM Intelligent Platform 

DentalMonitoring has launched a new service for dental professionals and industry partners: the DM Intelligent Platform. It is the only digital workflow which can interface and integrate with all dental digital solutions available on the market today.

This industry-first accomplishment reinforces DentalMonitoring’s vision of making dentistry smarter, helping improve clinical outcomes and patient experience and enabling practice growth and efficiency.

Since 2014, DentalMonitoring has revolutionised the management of clinical care and practice workflows through its AI-powered solutions, championing the utilisation of data to improve the quality of care.

The company’s patented platform will greatly increase the freedom to operate and choice of partners for all dental professionals, and allow digital solution providers the ability to leverage DentalMonitoring’s AI technology.

The DM Intelligent Platform includes the following solutions:

  • DataHub, a data analytics tool enabling continuous and immediate feedback and information to doctors, practices and partners related to clinical efficacy and operational efficiency
  • Export of manufacture-ready STL files from monitoring scans without the need for an in-practice appointment*
  • API/SDK Interfaces enabling integration of the DM Intelligent Platform with any digital partners, including patient management systems, CRM systems, digital treatment planning systems for aligners, braces and any other dental appliances, as well as devices such as connected electric toothbrushes

“We’re excited that our unique technology trusted by thousands of doctors and more than 1.5m patients worldwide will now be available to enhance product capabilities, workflows and solutions throughout the dental world,” said Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring. “We believe that our only truly open digital platform in dentistry today positions us well to continue to positively impact the sustainability of dental care and improve the lives of millions of patients”. We invite all our doctors and partners to leverage our technology to its full potential and help us in our vision to make dentistry smarter.”

*Products availability, claims and regulatory status may differ across countries depending on local regulations. Contact your local representative for further information