DentalMonitoring now offers Smart STL powered by AI-driven technology

DentalMonitoring now offers Smart STL* powered by AI-driven technology. The company brings the only platform in the oral healthcare industry capable of creating updated STL files 100% remotely. This addition to remote oral healthcare technology supports clinicians in providing treatment in convenient and cost-effective ways that have previously been impossible.

DentalMonitoring is known for innovation in dentistry and orthodontics and has expanded that reputation with this new offering. Previously, all STL file creation required a patient to visit their doctor’s office. However, doctors can now request an updated STL file at any stage of treatment through the DentalMonitoring dashboard. This eliminates the need for in-practice visits and delivers convenience to patients and efficiency to practices. Smart STL technology expands remote solutions and can assist doctors with efficient treatment progress.

This unique technology creates 3D intraoral models with the sophistication of AI-powered scans, ensuring the new STL file represents the most up-to-date model possible based on a patient’s current smile.

“This achievement revolutionises practice efficiency, saving chair time and time previously spent on intraoral scans, all while avoiding unnecessary visits to the practice for the patients. In the future, this could also help streamline management of mid-course corrections, refinements, retention and relapse,” said Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring.

Since 2014, DentalMonitoring has taken the industry by storm on its mission to make dentistry smarter with solutions that help enhance the quality of care, enable practice growth and improve the patient experience.

This latest innovation comes amid a series of impressive launches as the company bolsters its suite of intelligent solutions, which range from AI-powered remote monitoring to its industry-first data analysis system.

*Product availability claims and regulatory status may differ across countries depending on local regulations.