Dentists Award 2015 Innovation Prize to DAC UNIVERSAL

The first place of the 2015 Innovation Prize in the category “Devices and Equipment” goes to the DAC UNIVERSAL combination autoclave from Sirona. The best innovations of the dental industry have been awarded this prize for the sixth time.

Optimal, validatable instrument reprocessing with the DAC UNIVERSAL. The new FLEX lid makes it possible to reprocess ultrasonic tips, handpieces and nozzles for multi-functional syringes. 

Dental practices have to meet high hygiene requirements as defined by law and expected by the general public. This is reflected in the strong focus that dentists place in the reprocessing of dental instruments. Nearly 19 per cent of thousands of participating dentists have now chosen the DAC UNIVERSAL as one of the most innovative devices on the dental market.

The Innovation Prize awarded by Pluradent and the dental magazine DZW was presented for the sixth consecutive time. The participants could vote on a total of 20 products that were presented for the first time at the IDS 2015 in the categories “Materials and Instruments”, as well as “Devices and Equipment”. The DAC UNIVERSAL from Sirona was by far the leader in the “Devices and Equipment” category. The industry experts especially lauded the combination autoclave’s broad requirements profile, which finally closes the hygiene gap in mechanical reprocessing with its new FLEX lid.

Now ultrasonic tips, handpieces and nozzles of a multi-functional syringe (e.g., for SPRAYVIT) can be cleaned and thermally disinfected internally and externally. With the STANDARD lid, up to six unwrapped transmission instruments can be cleaned, lubricated and sterilised or the BASKET lid can be used for reprocessing solid instruments such as probes, mirrors or curettes. The ultrasonic tips are reprocessed together with the corresponding torque wrenches and undergo a closed and fully automatic hygiene cycle. After completion of the cycle, all important reprocessing parameters and a confirmation of the successfully completed programme can be documented fully automatically by means of external software. This way, dentists can show that they are in legal compliance with hygiene regulations with regard to the proper reprocessing of medical devices.

DAC UNIVERSAL can be used for the reprocessing of many different instruments by exchanging the STANDARD and FLEX lid.