Dentsply Sirona Instruments Introduces Online Knowledge Sharing Platform for Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers are an easy way to provide dentists and their patients with greater comfort and more treatment options. The range of application possibilities has been considerably improved as a result of blue laser technology – an opportunity to increase the popularity of laser dentistry. In order to promote knowledge-sharing in laser dentistry, Dentsply Sirona introduced the first international online platform.


The development of blue laser technology has vastly increased the possible applications of diode lasers in dentistry and, at the same time, created greater awareness of laser dentistry. The international “Sirona Laser Platform” from Dentsply Sirona, which was introduced at the beginning of March, is meant to acquaint dentists with the different areas of laser dentistry in a lively way. Dentists who wish to take advantage of this opportunity can receive free access to the knowledge-sharing platform of the global market and technology leader in the dental industry via the link

The information available on the platform is very diverse and encompasses the various types of lasers in the market, the differences between diode and traditional lasers, and how they work. Images and videos are also used to illustrate the different application areas of dental lasers. Experience reports on the new SIROLaser Blue, clinical case examples and the possibility to view upcoming training courses on specific products all complement the range of information offered.

Additionally, a corresponding forum is included in this platform as well. This gives participants a place to exchange knowledge and information on all things related to laser dentistry with other colleagues. Whether it be difficulties, treatment approaches or everyday tips, the community is welcome to openly discuss all dental-related experiences with lasers.


Blue lasers are especially well-suited for surgical procedures

Lasers were introduced about 50 years ago and have been used in dentistry since the mid-1990s, especially the diode laser. The SIROLaser Blue is one of the newly developed diode lasers. The Blue laser light, with a wavelength of 445nm, is mainly indicated for soft tissue surgery because of the superior absorption properties and excellent cutting performance; however, it is also used in implantology and prosthetics. This allows dentists to offer their patients virtually pain-free treatment. With two additional wavelengths, the SIROLaser Blue covers the complete treatment spectrum of diode lasers: a red laser light (660nm) for bio stimulation, low level laser treatments and an infrared laser light (970nm) for reducing bacteria in endodontics and periodontics, as well as for the treatment of aphthae and herpes.