Dentsply Sirona reaffirms partnership for World Oral Health Day 2024

Manufacturer of dental solutions and technologies Dentsply Sirona, announced that it would continue its partnership as an official global partner with the FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) for World Oral Health Day (WOHD) into 2024, as the company celebrated the impact of its communication campaign for WOHD 2023 during a ceremony in Sydney, Australia. Dentsply Sirona has partnered with FDI on WOHD since 2022, and its continuation is seen as a reaffirmation of the manufacturers’ commitment to the global oral health movement, which aims to make a lasting impact through education, awareness, and community engagement.  

World Oral Health Day 2024
Dentsply Sirona continues its partnership with the FDI World Dental Federation for World Oral Health Day (Image: FDI)

The campaign slogan for WOHD 2023 was ‘Be Proud of Your Mouth’ which reportedly garnered global engagement through an array of multi-platform initiatives. The campaign distributed over 400 oral health kits containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental timers, floss, educational flyers and personalised “get well” cards to patients undergoing cleft treatment at Smile Train partner treatment centres in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. The distribution was accompanied with activities and materials such as a toolkit for educating patients about the connection between oral and general health, which reached audiences across various social media channels.

“Our campaign was expansive and global, involving a cross-functional company-wide communication initiative via social media, various websites, mailers, and other mediums explaining the direct correlation between oral health and overall health,” said senior vice-president of orthodontic aligner solutions & customer experience and head of sustainability at Dentsply Sirona, Erania Brackett.

The WOHD 2023 campaign included material such as toolkits to educate audiences on oral health (Image: FDI)

At the ceremony, Dentsply Sirona also congratulated the Sudanese Association of Dental Students for winning the sponsored ‘Most Original Activity’ award which was launched as part of the WOHD 2023 campaign.

The award acknowledges exceptional initiatives to creatively promote oral health messages within the public domain, and is evaluated based on criteria such as: participant numbers, external partnerships, innovation, the use of materials and alignment with the WOHD theme, and impact through dissemination of take-home messages and/or oral care items.

The Sudanese Association of Dental Students – specifically, the Prophylaxis Office and the External Relations Office – earned the distinction where its activities and accomplishments were expansive in scope, including educational visits to schools, awareness programs at dental hospitals, engagement with local businesses, and educational sessions at universities, reaching an audience of approximately 2,000 individuals.

World Oral Health Day 2024
As part of the WOHD 2023 campaign, the Sudanese Association of Dental Students won the ‘Most Original Activity’ award for promoting oral health messages within the public domain (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

World Oral Health Day is celebrated annually on 20 Mar and its 2024 campaign will focus on the intricate link between oral health and general health because with the slogan ‘a happy mouth is … a happy body’.

“In the meantime, our 2023 mission doesn’t end here. Every day, all of us at Dentsply Sirona live our vision to transform dentistry to improve oral health globally,” said Brackett.

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