Desktop Health launches ScanUp subscription programme

Desktop Health – the production-grade medical 3D printing brand of Desktop Metal, Inc – announced the launch of ScanUp, a new programme for dentists designed to help simplify adoption of digital technologies to improve practice efficiency and patient care.

(Image: ScanUp)

According to the company, the ScanUp programme has been in development through a beta rollout since November 2022 and already has hundreds of members, including several DSOs such as Western Dental and Smile Brands. Now, the programme is being rolled out to the general dental marketplace. Members of the programme receive an iTero Element Flex certified pre-owned (CPO) scanner from Desktop Health as part of a subscription for lab services.

“ScanUp solves a real challenge for dentists struggling to adopt digital dentistry with a streamlined, easy-to-access solution,” said Lou Azzara, president of Desktop Health and Desktop Labs. “We are proud to launch the ScanUp programme to support the digital dentistry journey of general practitioner and family dentists for improved practice efficiencies and enhanced patient experiences.”

“The iTero scanner can be an indispensable tool for efficiently transforming practices from analogue to digital, helping doctors drive practice efficiencies, deliver exceptional patient outcomes and provide their patients with outstanding experiences,” said Matt-Miller, vice president and general manager US, Align Technology. “We are excited about the opportunity for Desktop Health to bring the benefits of the iTero Element Flex scanner to Desktop Lab’s GP dentists across the US.”

Furthermore, ScanUp aims to solves several challenges faced by clinicians looking to adopt digital dentistry. According to the company, about half of the dentists in the US have not yet adopted intraoral scanning, the first step in the digital dentistry journey, because of perceived and real challenges1, such as the complexity of stitching together a digital workflow to deliver final restorations and other dental products.

Dentists can participate in the ScanUp ecosystem at any stage in their digital journey with an subscription programme that is said to be paid for with routine lab services, regardless of scanner model. In addition, the subscription includes certified training and education which doctors and practices can complete at their own pace.

Digital and analogue lab services and support are also provided by ScanUp member labs, which are owned by or affiliated with Desktop Health. Member labs already serve more than 12,000 dentists in the US through well-known community labs such as Dental Arts Laboratory in Peoria, Illinois; May Dental Arts in Fenton, Missouri; and Brewer Dental Lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All ScanUp member labs are full-service digital + analog labs that are capable of 3D printing products such as Flexcera restorations and SmileGuard bite splints, along with other digital products. Flexcera and SmileGuard are materials developed and sold by Desktop Health, and they are qualified for 3D printing on Einstein family 3D printers, as well as Carbon 3D systems.

When dentists using intraoral scanners are ready to level up their digital dentistry practice, they can adopt 3D printing with Desktop Health Einstein printers, with digital design file support from ScanUp member labs. Alternatively, they can design their own printable files with CAD/CAM design software through Align’s exocad ChairsideCAD platform.

1 The Journal of the American Dental Association, Volume 152, Issue 8, 2021, Pages 669-670.e2, ISSN 0002-8177,

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