DEXIS IOS solutions expands portfolio and ecosystem

DEXIS IOS solutions has expanded its portfolio and ecosystem through new digital end-to-end workflows. The workflows are designed to align with its objective to support dental practitioners in accelerating their workflow for increased productivity and improved patient experience. Additionally, in-house printing offers patients personalised care.

Focusing on three principles: ease of use, productivity and practice expansion, practitioners can expand their range of services through aligner and denture treatments (Image: Dentistry)

To enhance the capabilities of the portfolio, IS ScanFlow v1.0.9 includes a denture scanning workflow. This streamlines the treatment planning process, combining the capture of the bite registration and prosthetic with the edentulous and denture scans. Practitioners can thus eliminate the manual process of matching and aligning data sets by the lab. The software also provides embedded scan tips to optimise and simplify the edentulous data acquisition.

In addition, DEXIS IOS solutions introduced the IS 3800 wired scanner. This offers the same speed performance as the IS 3800W. The ergonomic IS 3800 wired scanner weighs 190g without the cable, which is said to be one of the lightest intraoral scanners available. It complements the 240g IS 3800W wireless scanner, again which is said to the lightest wireless intraoral scanner in the industry.

The DEXIS IOS solutions provide dental practitioners with access to technology that streamlines treatment to boost productivity. With an ecosystem and range of new treatment options, practitioners can partner with Envista for access to prescriptive workflows or opt for more open workflows to collaborate with their preferred lab or manufacturer.

The new workflows further align with the Envista intention to digitise, personalise, and democratise dental care.