DMscore launches AIDA, generative AI analytic tool for dental practice’s digital marketing

Market analytics company DMscore has unveiled its new Artificial Intelligence Descriptive Analytics (AIDA) capabilities, aimed at providing dental practices with recommendations created from generative AI to elevate a business’ digital presence.

According to the company, it is the first to introduce generative AI into the dental space. The technology deciphers large datasets and turns observed patterns and opportunities into actionable, forward-looking strategies – moving from diagnostic data to precise, prescriptive actions.

According to the company, AIDA represents the first generative AI tool for the dental industry (Image: DMscore)

This technology combines the benchmarking of DMscore with OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs). DMscore, also known as ‘Digital Marketing score’ was created in 2015 by the company as an analytic tool for digital marketing which measures and ranks hundreds of online marketing factors to piece together such marketing signals in an intuitive score, similar to that of a FICO Score to assess credit risk in finance.

“AIDA is not merely an upgrade to existing analytics tools. It is a revolution. Our aim is to transform data into real-world growth strategies for dental organisations,” said CEO of DMscore, Rand Schulman.

The company summarised the four benefits of AIDA as descriptive analytics to give concrete steps for marketing optimisation and online visibility enhancement, going beyond traditional big data analytics and visualisation; virtual analyst reports to the key findings faster, helping to save time and money; personalised analysis with insights are tailored to challenges and opportunities of each dental practice; and competitive benchmarking to compare a practice’s performance to competitors.

With these capabilities, DMscore and AIDA is said to solve a long-standing analytics talent shortfall facing many industries. The company added that these virtual analyst capabilities allow it to redefine analytics across six health care markets. The company has launched its AIDA tool for the dental industry with ventures in the legal, veterinary, optometry, and medical spa industries to follow as stated on its website.

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