Dr. Wolff debuts its biomimetic oral care range – Bioniq® Repair-Toothpastes that allow users to “brush back” tooth enamel and combat teeth sensitivity

The Dr. Wolff Group, a family-owned pharmaceutical and cosmetic company, has launched its Bioniq Repair Toothpaste in Singapore on Monday, 16 May 2022. For more than a decade, the Germany-based company, has led research and development of modern dental care products to cater to growing pains of consumers. Its leading dental care product, Bioniq Repair-Toothpaste’s main active ingredient is the “biomimetic tooth enamel” called hydroxyapatite (HAP), which remineralises the teeth and forms a protective layer against enamel erosion. Interestingly, this ingredient alone is known to remineralise the deeper layers of the teeth effectively, as compared to other common remineralising agents used in oral care.

The natural mineral not only makes up almost 97% of the outermost layer of our teeth, known as the enamel, the mineral can also be found in our bones, with approximately 60% of our bone mass made of HAP. As the main component of the teeth enamel, HAP actively protects the underlying tooth layers from bacteria which can cause diseases, and even lead to the death of the tooth. Our tooth enamel cannot be naturally reproduced by human body cells and therefore it needs to be protected. One approach is the application of HAP from oral care products.

HAP is also known to reduce bacterial adhesion to the teeth and in turn, reduces the risk of gum problems. HAP is also known to occlude dentin tubule, thus preventing sensitive teeth from recurring. As dental caries and gum disease such as gingivitis are biofilm-associated diseases, bionic enamel helps in preventing these diseases. Additionally, a HAP-based toothpaste also has cosmetic benefits when used twice daily such as removing teeth discoloration caused from substances including nicotine, tea or red wine.

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing director, Dr. Wolff, said: For years, the team at Dr. Wolff has dedicated its research to developing dental care products with hydroxyapatite as the main active ingredient, recognising its benefits for users. We’re excited to finally bring our product to Asia, with Singapore as the first stop. We hope to raise awareness on the importance of protecting ones’ teeth enamel with HAP and to plug the gap in the market with a product that caters to the dental care needs of Singaporeans, who predominantly suffer from issues linked to sensitive teeth and gums. HAP is a mineral from the calcium phosphate family and is a proven and effective way of remineralising our tooth enamel. Good oral health enriches your quality of life, and oral care can be as simple as using HAP-based products to keep oral health issues caused by dental cavities, sensitive teeth or gingivitis at bay.”

The Bioniq Repair-Toothpaste and Bioniq Repair-Toothpaste PLUS are the only toothpastes from Germany to contain 20% HAP, also known as biomimetic enamel and will be made available online exclusively at Dr. Wolff’s Asia website. Singapore is the first country that the product has been made available in Asia.

Dr. Wolff’s Bioniq Repair Toothpaste is currently available in Germany and Austria, with over two million units sold last year in Germany alone. Alongside the latest launch in Singapore, Dr. Wolff has plans to launch its biomimetic oral care range in Switzerland and US soon.

Besides the launch of its first dental product locally, Dr. Wolff also manufactures and distributes other internationally renowned healthcare brands in Singapore such as Alpecin, Plantur, Alcina, Dr Wolff’s Vagisan, and Linola.