DS Academy offers new Indirect Restorative course series

Dentsply Sirona has announced the launch of its new Indirect Restorative course series through the DS Academy. This comprehensive course series is designed to help empower dental professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of restorative dentistry.

Indirect Restorative course series
The DS Academy now offers its Indirect Restorative course series to help dental professionals accelerate their workflow and advance with confidence through convenient online learning. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Dentsply Sirona’s new course series covers a range of topics, including the latest advancements in digital technology, the science behind material selection, incorporating new technology into the practice, and digital workflows for indirect restorations. The new series consists of 11 courses taking participants from foundational to procedure-based to mastery-level. This self-paced online course series focuses on how digital dentistry can enhance indirect restorative treatment outcomes.

One of the featured instructors in the Indirect Restorative course series, Dr Alan Atlas highlighted the innovative approach to learning in the new courses. “As Albert Einstein once said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Interactive procedure-based learning is here that makes online learning more fun, interesting, and engaging. This course series is designed to inspire a fresh perspective and elevate the learning experience for dental professionals.”

According to the company, DS Academy engages approximately half a million dental professionals each year through its clinical education available both in-person and online. The new Indirect Restorative course series further underscores the company’s dedication to supporting dental professionals in their pursuit of knowledge and expertise. As the landscape of dentistry continues to evolve thanks to new innovations in digital technology, it is imperative to provide cutting-edge resources to empower dental practitioners to advance with confidence.

The new course series is the latest in a broader series of clinical education course series that dental professionals can access through the DS Academy online including the Diagnosis and Treatment Planning course series, Endodontics course series, Implants course series, Aligner course series, and Sustainability course series.

“At Dentsply Sirona, we recognize that clinical education is pivotal for our customers to advance with confidence towards the future of dentistry. Our goal is to provide dental professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their practice and deliver the best possible care to their patients,” said Andreas Frank, EVP and chief business officer at Dentsply Sirona. “Working together, we can leverage the potential of new solutions to improve oral healthcare.” Dental professionals can access the new Indirect Restorative course series through the DS Academy online, where they can enroll and also access many other evidence-based educational materials and gain valuable continuing education (CE) credits. *

*CE credits are not available in all markets globally

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