DÜRR DENTAL introduces the Lunos prophylaxis system

DÜRR DENTAL has introduced the Lunos prophylaxis system, which offers a portfolio of products with flexible application potential.

Lunos prophylaxis system does not prescribe a fixed treatment concept or one that relates to only a specific area of application.

It enables trained prophylaxis professionals to decide for themselves – within the scope of medical delegation – which form of treatment should be used for each patient.

For example, treatment with the MyLunos powder jet handpiece followed by polishing may be suitable for patient A, while patient B has greater sensitivity and should therefore only be treated with gentle polishing, while patient C has advanced periodontitis, which means that the virtually painless, atraumatic Vector ultrasonic system should be used.

DÜRR DENTAL has always seen itself as a system provider and problem solver. This understanding and this aspiration is reflected in the Lunos brand. The Lunos portfolio includes a powder jet handpiece, an ultrasound-based floor-mounted appliance, various prophy powders, prophy pastes and fissure sealants, a dental rinse and a fluoride gel. These prophylaxis materials are supplemented by a prophylaxis cushion made of comfortable viscoelastic foam and a wellness cloth for improved patient comfort. The offering is rounded off with training and services for dental practices.

Lunos offers the right devices, consumables and helpful accessories for almost all the work steps required as part of a prophylaxis session. All the products are coordinated with each other so that they combine to form a complete and highly flexible system that is capable of supporting any treatment philosophy – to ensure that, at the end, practitioners can make smiles brighter all around.