EasyRx integrates with Alliedstar to simplify digital case management

Comprehensive case management and 3D software provider EasyRx, has announced a new collaboration with Alliedstar to streamline case management. The collaboration was developed in response to user feedback to provide automatic pairing of EasyRx prescriptions with Alliedstar scans. This is said to eliminating the need for manual attaching of scans, offering a more efficient experience.

Scans from Alliedstar IOS will automatically be paired with EasyRx prescriptions (Image: EasyRx and Alliedstar)

EasyRx was designed to serve as a universal solution for lab prescription management, digital workflow, and 3D software, catering to both practices and labs. In one cloud-based platform, EasyRx allows practices to manage all patient cases, submit to any lab (commercial or in-house), and enhance operational performance. With the integration, products from Alliedstar such as its series of intraoral scanners would fit into the EasyRx Rx Workflow to improve prescription management for orthodontists and labs.

 “We are thrilled to align EasyRx with Alliedstar, a company that shares our vision of innovation and efficiency. Listening to our users has always guided us, and this partnership directly answers their call for more streamlined prescription management. By integrating Alliedstar’s advanced scanning tech with our comprehensive prescription platform, we are cutting out unnecessary steps and making the whole process more user-friendly for clinicians and labs,” said Todd Blankenbecler, general manager of EasyRx.

He added: “EasyRx can continue its mission of simplifying and modernizing lab prescription management through this partnership. Now, more practices can benefit from streamlined digital workflows, allowing them to cut down on manual tasks and deliver high-quality patient care.”

AlliedStar specialises in offering scanning and computer-aided design or manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solutions to dental clinics. The company was founded in 2019 and provides its digital solutions and services to over 90 countries globally. It has a headquarter and R&D centre in Shanghai, China, and a manufacturing facility in the China Dental Valley.

“Alliedstar is excited to collaborate with EasyRx in this innovative endeavor. Our vision aligns perfectly with EasyRx’s innovation and efficiency, and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of users in the dental industry. By seamlessly integrating Alliedstar’s advanced scanning technology into EasyRx’s comprehensive case management system, we’re simplifying and streamlining the case management process,” said CEO of Alliedstar, Guijian Wang.

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