Effective processing of zirconium dioxide in dental practice

Zirconium dioxide, or zirconia, has the advantages of exceptional aesthetics, biocompatibility and stability. The latter puts grand demands on the rotating instruments when processing zirconia restorations.

BUSCH offers the power-cutting ZIRAMANT series for dental practice from its diamond instrument range for precisely these challenges. It is equipped with three different, special and – above all – stable, mixed-grain diamond coatings configured for zirconium oxide and various work steps:

  • From removal and trepanation of restorative zirconia (shaft ring blue/green)
  • Correction of zirconia abutments (shaft ring blue/blue)
  • Fine correction during zirconia integration (shaft ring red/red)

In addition to the three aforementioned grits, a total of 11 ZIRAMANT instruments are available in various shapes.