Elevate Oral Care releases Advantage Arrest® Silver Diamine Fluoride

Elevate Oral Care has launched a convenient three-bottle kit of their breakthrough therapy Advantage Arrest® Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% (SDF).

Each kit contains a total of 9ml’s of liquid in three 3ml bottles. This new option allows offices to economically stock each treatment room, enhancing asepsis, saving time, and improving patient outcomes by making this new treatment/prevention tool available when needed.

This is especially useful with the new CDT D1355 primary prevention code available on 1 January 2021. Direct comparison studies have shown that one application of SDF is more effective than two to four applications of other topical fluorides, including fluoride varnish.

Each drop of Advantage Arrest can treat up to five sites, at just half the cost of fluoride varnishes.