Encouraging, challenging and celebrating oral tissue regeneration

“We Are Re:Generation” is the motto of the next International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, reflecting not only the focus of the Osteology Foundation on oral regeneration but also their mission to link science with practice by gathering all the globally available knowledge in one place at the same time.

In past years, the International Osteology Symposia were considered by many in dentistry to be the most successful and prestigious event held on oral tissue regeneration. This is set to continue with the 2023 Jubilee Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Osteology Foundation, a global organisation that supports science, research training, and education in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

Happening on 27-29 Apr, the unparalleled educational programme promise to attract up to 3,000 motivated participants from all over the world. Dr Pamela McClain and Dr Istvan Urban, the 2023 symposium’s scientific chairs, share more about their role leading up to this high-level scientific programme and what participants can expect.

What was the idea behind the programme of the symposium?

Dr McClain: The focus of the Osteology Foundation is on oral regeneration. As a result, the programme for the symposium will fully cover this field which allows a more in-depth look at all aspects involved with oral regeneration. This all-around coverage is unique and unlike other programmes. We are looking at unique areas of regeneration, for example, endodontic concerns, orthodontic opportunities and aesthetic surgical aspects.

Dr Urban: In addition to the clinical aspects of oral regeneration, the Osteology Foundation places equal emphasis on education and research. The programme perfectly reflects this dual focus: we will see many exciting contributions with high practical relevance as presentations on the very latest research.

In which way does the programme attract both young, less experienced clinicians and established oral surgeons?

Dr Urban: Since its beginnings 20 years ago, the Osteology Foundation has placed great emphasis not only on working with well-known experts in our field but also on being very active in promoting young talents. This is still very much the case today and therefore we are in the fortunate position at the International Osteology Symposium to also offer young speakers from our own training and research programmes the opportunity to appear on the big stage.

Dr McClain: Incorporating these young stars has always been a priority of the foundation and allows them to showcase their research and cases in a world-class environment. To present with individuals they have looked up to is both exciting and motivating. This headlining of young talent is also of great interest to their peers as well as their more experienced colleagues.

In which teaching formats do the participants get to experience the educational content?

Dr McClain: We are fortunate to offer a wide range of formats from classic lectures, numerous specific workshops, moderated live surgeries, to the interactive round table room, or the new research networking day. There is simply something for everyone.

Dr Urban: Therefore, the congress participants actually have a luxury problem. Their biggest challenge will be to decide what they want to attend from the whole programme and in what order. But just as we offer both younger and experienced participants content tailored to them, everyone will find their favourite learning format at this symposium.

Do you have a personal programme highlight?

Dr McClain: My personal highlight is not a single programme item – there are too many highly attractive contributions – but the list of speakers. Take a look at the programme and see the global scope of exceptional clinicians and researchers presenting. With this international gathering, it is impossible to highlight a single course.

Dr Urban: Assuming an active interest in the field of oral regeneration of the participant, I would almost want to ask the question the other way around: How can one in good conscience miss this truly unique concentration of expertise and learning opportunities? We will see an impressive density of relevant information and a great quality of human exchange in Barcelona, I’m convinced, also from the experience gained at previous IOS editions.

Final words: Why not miss the International Osteology Symposium?

Dr Urban: I’m afraid I have to resort to a commonplace argument – the International Osteology Symposium is simply the place to be in the field of oral regeneration. Where else is it possible to interact with so many peers, meet world-renowned experts face-to-face and be updated on the latest knowledge in just three days? And of course, the fact that this symposium is taking place in one of the most attractive cities is not a disadvantage either.

Dr McClain: The value and rich depth of the programme is not something that you will find anywhere else, I can’t think of a better programme in regeneration. This symposium is the go-to place for education in oral regeneration.

Published on Dental Asia November/December 2022 issue.