everStick® Fibre Reinforced Composites for Daily Dentistry

everStick® glass fibres have been developed to provide solutions for modern, patient-friendly dentistry. everStick® opens up opportunities for minimally invasive procedures and restorations available to both dentists and patients. everStick® fibre reinforcements are made of silanated E- glass fibres in thermoplastic polymer and light-curing resin matrix.

Proper bonding between the fibres and composite is the key factor for a successful treatment. This fusion of fibres and resin forms the exceptionally strong, aesthetic and user-friendly Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN). Clinically, this leads to superior bonding, enabling reliable surface-retained applications and perfect handling properties. The strength of everStick® E-glass fibres allows clinicians to pioneer new paths in cost-effective chair-side tooth replacement, splinting, root canal posts and passive orthodontic retention. This evidence-based fibre reinforcement technology provides users with a metal free, cost-effective treatment method and completes prosthetic treatment options.everStick® products are truly biomimetic materials that address the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry, wherein the patient’s own healthy tooth tissue is preserved for as long as clinically possible. This also means that other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them in the future.

GC Asia is proud to present everStick® fibre reinforced composite range – everStick®C&B, everStick®PERIO, everStick®ORTHO and everStick®POST innovative products for daily dentistry.