Evonik : Raising the Bar in the Dental Sector with VESTAKEEP® PEEK

At this year’s MedTec Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, Evonik will unveil VESTAKEEP® Dental, the high-performance polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK) for dental applications – a unique biomaterial for medical devices suited to permanent contact with the mucous membrane.

Medical devices based on VESTAKEEP® Dental provide an innovative, metal-free solution in the dental sector, be it for crowns, bridges or removable abutments. The high-performance polymer developed by Evonik is characterised by factors such as outstanding wear comfort, as well as excellent biocompatibility and biostability.


VESTAKEEP® Dental: Performance and aesthetics in one

VESTAKEEP® Dental allows sophisticated dental applications to be realised while taking high aesthetic demands into account. Customised or fully anatomical crowns or bridges can be manufactured with composite materials, for example, through full or partial veneering. Here, the high-performance polymer acts as a kind of shock absorber. This property is particularly gentle and beneficial for the antagonist and the jaw joint.

Large and small bridges or partial dentures made of VESTAKEEP® Dental also have the advantage of being light and tasteless. What is more, patients find them exceptionally comfortable to wear and no longer have an unpleasant sensation of hot or cold while eating or drinking.

VESTAKEEP® Dental grades are offered in four different colours – natural, white, tooth-coloured and gingiva-coloured (pink) – to meet the aesthetic needs of the patient. Partial dentures, for instance, are produced in gingiva-coloured PEEK to improve the appearance and give the patient an extra level of comfort.


Certified biocompatibility and biostability

Like the other VESTAKEEP® medical products, VESTAKEEP® Dental by Evonik for dental applications must comply with strict quality standards. Accordingly to ISO 10993-1 recommendation for permanent mucosal contact, biocompatibility was following tested and confirmed by external testing laboratories.