expatdental elevates digital dentistry offerings with the NextDent Ortho Flex in latest partnership with Henry Schein

The partnership empowers expatdental to advance its digital dentistry capabilities, and streamline the patient journey

Grinding and clenching of teeth have been on the rise in Singapore over the last three years amidst the additional stress of the pandemic, with some dentists seeing more patients presenting with symptoms such as sensitive, cracked and chipped teeth.

This grinding and clenching, known in the dental space as bruxism, can be mitigated with the introduction of dental splints that can help to protect the teeth from further damage. These splints are constructed from a resin, and can often be ridged, bulky and uncomfortable; making them difficult to wear while sleeping.

Medical supplier Henry Schein has launched the NextDent Ortho Flex in Singapore, a resin that offers accuracy, break resistance and flexibility to produce dental appliances in the right measurements.

Certified by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority, the NextDent Ortho Flex resin smooths key road bump in patients’ dental journey by providing comfortable dental appliances in a significantly reduced lead time in its manufacture for use in restorative dentistry services.

“At Henry Schein, it is enshrined in our DNA to stay abreast of the digital advancements and bring this innovation to dental clinics and labs around the world. We are thrilled to announce this partnership with expatdental to enable in-house manufacturing of splints using 3D printing technology and recently launched NextDent Ortho Flex resin. It is also a testimony of expatdental’s commitment to continuously advance their clinical procedures and improve patients’ experience by embracing the latest available technology,” said Kateryna Iakovenko, regional sales manager of Henry Schein ConnectDental, SEA.

The NextDent Ortho Flex resin makes its Singapore debut at expatdental, a premium proposition from Oracare Group, elevating its in-house lab capabilities to facilitate the printing of dental splints for bruxism treatments. The NextDent Ortho Flex is used in tandem with the NextDent 5100 3D Printer.

Users can now receive their temporary crowns and splints in the same week, significantly faster than the traditional three to four weeks interval. Offering a broad range of services including cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery and bruxism solutions, expatdental’s expertise lies in providing a seamless, comfortable and effective experience to all patients through advanced technologies and dental equipment, alongside a dedicated, experienced team focused on dental excellence and quality.

“Our priority at expatdental has always been to provide efficient, premium and timely services to all our patients, with their utmost comfort and convenience in mind. In today’s age of digital dentistry, the NextDent Ortho Flex resin presents a new dawn for the future of dentistry, paving the way for 3D printing innovation, dental technologies and dental care industries — a natural acquisition on our end to meet the unwavering promise of exceptional patient comfort,” said Dr Shaun Thompson, managing director at expatdental.