Expert Advice and Support for Dental Clinics

It’s about more than treatment centres and x-ray equipment: Sirona offers universities and dental clinics a comprehensive consultation service on the design, installation and digital networking of training and treatment spaces. For that purpose, the company has reorganised its team under the management of Jörg Vogel, Vice President of International Clinic Solutions.

Jörg Vogel is Vice President of Clinic Solutions at Sirona.


Recommendations for furnishing, advice for gas management, ideas for the clever networking of devices, patient management system installations – these are the tasks facing Sirona’s newly formed clinic team headed by Jörg Vogel. His team of 14 employees acts as the point of contact for hospitals, universities, military institutions, the United Nations and the WHO. It builds on projects that have already been successfully implemented throughout the world.

In Boston, USA, for example, Sirona was the partner of the university dental clinic in terms of architectural design and specialist equipment. “We see ourselves as coaches for the clinics,” Vogel explains, “and we also help to solve even the smallest challenges in an overall context. This starts with compressed air systems, includes the appropriate lighting and furnishing of the treatment rooms, the complete IT networking and digitisation and ends with the way in which the compressed air reaches the lab equipment.” To do this, the clinic team also works together with an architectural firm. Their specialisation in 3D animation breathes life into the clinic layout – a unique format that only Sirona offers to its customers.


The portfolio: Comprehensive and needs-oriented

Mr. Vogel and his team attach great importance to providing holistic advice to dental clinics. “Along with the product portfolio, we always have an idea about how to implement the objectives of the clinic – and, in our experience, that always goes well beyond the working product,” Vogel says of his experiences. The quality of the equipment and the service and support of the teaching facilities, even during operation, are important success factors. In addition, in cooperation with the relevant business partners on the ground, Sirona ensures that this service is maintained. “This is also part of our 360 degree philosophy,” Vogel explains.

He brings with him extensive expertise for this task. Vogel has been working for the company for 12 years and, in addition to managing sales in Mexico, Central America, India and Taiwan in his capacity as Vice President, he is now also leading the clinics business area at Sirona.

Services ranging from teaching to patient treatment: Sirona sees itself as a partner and coach for dental clinics.