FOSOO launches stylish and eco-friendly APEX Metal sonic electric toothbrush with 180-day battery life

FOSOO, a start-up company delivering innovative oral care products, has launched the APEX Metal sonic electric toothbrush. APEX sonic toothbrush helps remove up to 10 times more plaque and improve gum health for up to three times versus a manual toothbrush due to its unique sonic vibration motor. It has an exquisite metal body, with high durability but a soft grip. The toothbrush also has a long 180-day battery life, which means that the user only needs to charge it twice a year. The toothbrush has a low-noise and sleek design and is available in three colours: pink, white, and blue. FOSOO is reaching and covering the needs of more users, while optimising users’ oral care experience and lifestyle.

Metal body, exquisite appearance

FOSOO is the first brand to use zinc alloy to make electric toothbrushes. APEX sonic electric toothbrushes use metal handles, which are more exquisite than plastic toothbrushes. The quality and durability of metal handles are also much better than ordinary plastic handles. After one or two years of use, it still looks the same as a new toothbrush. If the toothbrush accidentally slips from the hand, the metal material ensure that the toothbrush is well protected. Some patients have hand and arm pain when using some electric toothbrush with vigorous vibrations – FOSOO APEX utilises gentle vibrations on the handle to offer maximum comfort, and vigorous vibrations on the brush head to achieve better cleaning.

Long battery life

APEX electric toothbrush can last for about six months in just one charge. Users do not have to worry about annoying scenes such as charging the toothbrush within two weeks, and there is no need to put a lot of charging cables on the sink.

Quieter sonic electric toothbrush, operating noise lower than 50db

FOSOO uses ultrasonic noise reduction and mute technology to minimise the vibration sound to 50db, which is 20db lower than other regular electric toothbrushes on the market. The reduced noise will not wake up sleeping family members when brushing the teeth in the morning. There is only the vibration sound of the bristles during operation, which can ensure a good cleaning effect and brushing experience even in quiet conditions.

A better clean than manual brushing

The cleaning system present on FOSOO electric toothbrush is greatly upgraded as a result of the German Pedex triangular diamond bristles which maximise the density of the bristles. It offers an effective cleaning compared to 20% ordinary bristles.

The tongue coating contains harmful substances such as pathogens, moulds, and viruses, which are the direct cause of periodontitis. FOSOO APEX electric toothbrushes can remove 85% of the bacteria on the tongue coating.

Two different replaceable brush heads

FOSOO is made available with two brush heads, which are to be used in different teeth or gum situations. The clean brush head is more effective to remove stains and plaque while the sensitive brush head is safer on sensitive teeth and gums.

FOSOO also offers other products such as the compact LUX rechargeable sonic electric toothbrush and the NOV rechargeable sonic electric toothbrush with OLED screen. FOSOO will release a series of oral products in the future.