Fujitsu Preventive Dentistry Cloud Service to be implemented for oral checkup in Kamoenai Village

Fujitsu Japan Limited and Kamoenai Village in Hokkaido has announced the start of an initiative to promote awareness in dental care. From 27-28 Jun, the two organisations will implement an oral checkup at a school for approximately 40 students visualising a protective dentistry approach using Fujitsu Preventive Dentistry Cloud Service.

Fujitsu Preventive Dentistry Cloud
(Image: Fujitsu)

The Fujitsu Preventive Dentistry Cloud Service detects the likelihood of tooth decay and enables students and their guardians to monitor their results on their smartphones. This promotes personal oral awareness and allows preventative measures.

The personal health records (PHR) service by Fujitsu converts oral and dental diagnosis into data and allows dental clinics and patients to share data securely. Patients can easily view data and images of their own mouth and teeth on a smartphone or computer, allowing them to review their medical treatment and use it for dental self-care.

According to the news shared by Fujitsu, Kamoenai Village has subsidised the cost of dental checkups for adults for many years, but the low rate of dental checkups has been an issue.

Since May 2024, it has been using the Fujitsu Preventive Dentistry Cloud Service for adult and infant health examinations to promote awareness through group dental examinations. In addition to this initiative, Kamoenai Village encourages dental and oral health maintenance by subsidizing the cost of dental checkups including oral examinations such as saliva tests for all generations.

Under the slogan of “preventive dentistry for the whole village,” Kamoenai village aims to reduce the risk of diabetes and dementia and lifetime medical expenses by continuing home care and promoting regular dental checkups.

In January 2024, Fujitsu launched a similar education initiative through its Preventive Dentistry Cloud Service and PreVentive Dentistry Clinic. The initiative targeted approximately 70,000 of its employees in Japan to proactive action in maintaining and improving their oral and dental health.

Moving forward, Fujitsu Japan added that it will use the efforts of Kamoenai Village as a blueprint to contribute towards the improvement of people’s wellbeing.

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