GC’s 100th anniversary celebrations continue at GC International AG

On 11 February 2021, GC celebrated its centennial anniversary, commemorated with a new company motto celebrating “100 Years of Quality in Dental.” To celebrate this momentous achievement, GC hosted numerous celebratory events all around the world.

The celebration, hosted by GC International AG (GCIAG), took place at the Grand Casino Luzern in Luzern, Switzerland, on 25 April 2022. With over 250 total attendees, this event put a spotlight on GC’s plans for the next decade.

Prior to GCIAG’s celebration in Switzerland, GC hosted the Fifth International Dental Symposium at the Tokyo International Forum from 16-17 April 2022.

This educational event brought together over 100 prominent lecturers from all over the globe, united around the symposium’s central theme of “Smile for the World – Beyond the Century.” Attendees enjoyed advanced insights into dentistry throughout the event’s 28 educational sessions and had exclusive opportunities to test the latest GC products and equipment first-hand.

To kick off the GCIAG anniversary celebration, Dr Kiyotaka Nakao, president & chief executive officer GC Corporation/GCIAG, formally welcomed guests with a rousing opening speech, expressing gratitude to all stakeholders, wishing further advancements in dentistry and craving growth and evolution of GC going forward.

The opening remarks were then followed by speeches from a number of distinguished guests, including Prof Ihsane Ben Yahya, president of the FDI World Dental Federation and Mr Kojiro Shiraishi, ambassador of Japan to Switzerland.

A video message was delivered by Mr Guy Parmelin, head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, followed by a toast speech from the vice-president of the University of Zurich, Prof Dr Christian Schwarzenegger.

Throughout the event, renowned concert flautist Andrea Lötscher serenaded the guests with a beautiful musical performance. At the end of the memorable evening, Mr Makoto Nakao, the chairman of the Board, GC International AG, closed the event with an inspiring message and the Japanese traditional closing hand clap.

GCIAG was established in September of 2013 in Luzern, Switzerland to facilitate GC’s internationalisation, promote new product development on a global scale, and handle other multi-national business operations.

As GC’s global headquarters, GCIAG leads the entire organisation towards its Vision 2031 strategy, which is “to become the leading dental company committed to realising a healthy and long-living society.”

Vision 2031 reflects GC’s ambition to realise a healthy, long-living society while achieving a sustainable growth and staying true to the company’s values, becoming an ‘incomparable’ company for all stakeholders.