Glidewell and Overjet partner to expand AI offerings

Glidewell announced a partnership with Overjet, expanding artificial intelligence (AI) offerings in restorative dentistry.

Through the partnership, Glidewell customers will have access to Overjet AI technology to analyse x-rays, helping dentists address areas of concern such as cavities and gum disease. Overjet solution complements the in-office solution, which offers dentists what they need to scan, design, mill and deliver same-day restorations.

The in-office solution also uses AI technology to create single-visit restorations made from BruxZir NOW fully sintered zirconia and other materials. This AI-driven chairside CAD/CAM system gives clinicians control over the restorative process and makes it easy to offer patients high quality, convenient treatment options while increasing practice profitability. With the addition of Overjet’s AI platform, dentists can now perform more accurate diagnoses and offer more treatment options.

“In the laboratory setting, AI has transformed how dentistry operates by making restoration production more accurate and predictable,” Glidewell CEO Stephenie Goddard said. “Overjet has emerged as a powerful tool for dentists, and we are excited to partner together to provide our customers with the most advanced technology to identify restorative treatment needs, enhance the patient experience and strengthen the patient-clinician relationship.”