Glidewell launches tissue- and bone-supported surgical guides

New surgical guides from the company’s Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) service enable safe, efficient implant placement for fully edentulous patients

Glidewell now offers tissue- and bone-supported surgical guides to help dentists optimise implant positioning for cases where a fixed or removable implant restoration is planned. Further strengthening the company’s position as a comprehensive implant solutions provider, the digital treatment planning (DTP) line extension provides prosthetically driven implant positioning and a smooth, predictable surgical procedure for fully edentulous patients.

Glidewell’s DTP service leverages the expertise of the most technologically advanced dental lab in the US to aid clinicians in determining where implants should be placed to maximise safety, avoid vital anatomical structures, save chair time, minimise surgical trauma for the patient, and ensure a predictable restorative outcome.

“With our new service for fully edentulous cases, we use advanced 3D treatment planning software to produce surgical guides that position implants in the optimal location needed to support the desired restoration, be that an implant-supported overdenture or the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis,” said Ilan Sapir, manager of the digital treatment planning department.

The DTP service is available for all major guided implant systems and is a key element of Glidewell Implant Solutions, which provides dentists with everything they need to succeed in implant dentistry, from live and online continuing education, to dental implants, to cutting-edge restorations. This “implant to crown” approach is exemplified by the company’s comprehensive implant warranty that guarantees the Hahn Tapered Implant as well as custom abutments and BruxZir restorations produced by Glidewell for the life of the patient.

The expanded offerings available through Glidewell DTP also include an addition for tooth-supported guides. For cases where immediate loading is planned, a customised provisional crown can be added to the case for delivery on the day of surgery. Designed in collaboration with the experienced laboratory technicians in Glidewell’s implant lab, the immediate provisional helps contour the gingival tissue for an optimal emergence profile when the case is restored. This service is available for the Hahn Tapered Implant now and will be expanded to all major implant systems later this year.

“Our goal has always been to make high-quality dental care available to as many patients as possible,” said Jim Glidewell, CDT, founder and president of Glidewell. “Many dentists who choose to place implants for their patients follow this same philosophy, and we support them through education and innovative but cost-effective surgical and restorative solutions. The fully edentulous have the most to gain from implant treatment, and our new full-arch surgical guides will help more dentists place implants with the confidence they need to provide care for this important patient population.”

Future line extensions for full-arch cases will feature bundled options for the Hahn Tapered Implant System that include implants, healing abutments, impression copings or scan bodies, and the final fixed or removable implant prosthesis. Hahn bundles are already available for single- or multiple-implant cases where a tooth-supported guided is prescribed, and the company continues to offer 20% off restorative lab fees to dentists who restore their Hahn implant cases at Glidewell.