Glidewell names new chief executive officer

Effective 1 Jan 2022, Glidewell Chief Experience Officer Stephenie Goddard, a 15-year veteran of the organisation, will assume the role of chief executive officer, held to date by company founder and president, Jim Glidewell, CDT.

“This is not a matter of me stepping down,” stressed Mr Glidewell. “But with all that we’re doing in an effort to improve the lives of dentists and their patients, I could use another hand at the helm.”

Goddard offered similar reassurance: “Jim is in the office every day, sharing his vision and insights and continuing to challenge us to develop solutions that improve the quality, speed and affordability of dentistry. His professional achievements have already had an indelible impact, but it’s his relentless drive for continuous improvement that I find most inspiring. It’s an unspeakable honour to be entrusted with the ongoing expansion of technology, services and communications that aim to increase patient acceptance and further grow dental practices everywhere.”

Goddard left World Bank Group in 2006 to join Glidewell as vice-president of human resources, and has since served in various executive-level positions governing business operations, product development, regulatory affairs, direct sales, customer experience, software development, analytics and more. She is particularly pleased with the public reception of the™ In-Office Solution, an artificial-intelligence-powered CAD/CAM system that enables clinicians to easily fabricate their own lab-quality, fully sintered BruxZir® Zirconia restorations in under an hour.

“People ask us why Glidewell would produce a machine that competes with its principal business of providing indirect lab services,” she said. “But Jim’s real business is to provide clinical ease and flexibility. Single-appointment services are often better for both the provider and patient. And anything that’s better for provider and patient is better for Glidewell.”

A staunch proponent of personal development, Goddard’s impressive track record includes the implementation of employee learning programmes and advanced leadership initiatives within and without the Glidewell organisation. Her 2019 “Guiding Leaders” programme was designed to empower women dentists in all facets of business and leadership, and contributed to her 2020 Mentor Award from The Lucy Hobbs Project®.

“Stephenie’s strategic focus and ability to bring people together to orchestrate successful change has been critical to our success,” added Mr Glidewell. “After 15 years working alongside her, I know of no one better suited to serve the needs of our customers and our industry.”

“I’m obviously humbled by the new title, and honoured by Jim’s faith and trust,” said Goddard. “While the responsibility is daunting, I’m thrilled by the continued opportunity to positively impact the future of dentistry. As we like to say here: ‘Every smile deserves a second chance.’ “