Global Group Inc launches salivary testing pilot to combat oral health disparities

Global Group Inc, in a strategic alliance with technology partner Oral Genome, has announced a new programme aimed at tackling global oral health disparities.

Named ‘Bridging Oral Health Disparities: A Global Partnership for Equitable Care’, this pilot programme aims to impact preventive oral healthcare by deploying advanced technological solutions in regions traditionally lacking adequate care, specifically targeting the US, EMEA, South Asia, and Central Asia.

Global Group Inc and Oral Genome
(Image: Global Group Inc and Oral Genome)

The pilot leverages Oral Genome’s Salivary Test Kit using photographic analysis and a user-friendly mobile health application. These tools are designed to quickly evaluate risks for conditions such as dental caries, periodontal disease, halitosis, and diabetes. According to Global Group Inc, this initiative promises not only to enhance early detection and immediate treatment but also to foster substantial advancements in public health practices.

“This initiative marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to enhancing global health outcomes. Integrating sophisticated technologies with our focus on health disparities allows us to redefine standards in preventive care. We are spearheading a movement towards an era where quality healthcare is universally accessible,” said Shaun Gause, CEO of Global Group, Inc.

The pilot’s core objectives include creating scalable models to reduce oral health disparities and documenting the impact of integrated technologies on improving early detection and care. The project will mobilise a diverse array of stakeholders, including clinicians, community leaders, and policymakers, ensuring comprehensive implementation and evaluation of these innovative technologies.

Over the next 12 months, the project scope and broader implications of the pilot will focus on three areas. First, it will collaborate with safety net sites and strategic partners to ensure the effective deployment and use the testing kits. Second in-depth data analysis will be conducted through a cooperative approach with its partners to better understand how oral health influences overall health outcomes. Last, it will expand at-home testing options to ensure that individuals can participate regardless of their circumstances.

Additionally, the project will create educational materials and host workshops to foster a deeper community connection and comprehension of the programme’s benefits. These efforts are designed to ensure that the impact reaches the grassroots level.

Global Group Inc was founded in 2009 as an international development and consulting company with a focus on delivering quality healthcare in developing nations.

According to Global Group Inc, this endeavour is not just about immediate outcomes but also sets the stage for larger, future initiatives. Specifically, this serves as a precursor to GGI’s Diverse Data Network. This forthcoming global clinical database will unify patients, healthcare providers, and life sciences companies, fostering collaboration for research and healthcare data analytics. This network aims to enhance how we understand and approach healthcare, paving the way for more informed and effective treatments and health strategies.

Oral Genome is an oral health diagnostics company developing advanced salivary testing kits which incorporates AI technology and mobile applications, for early disease detection and management.

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