‘Gold Rush’ of Cosmetic Dentists Without Training is Leaving Patients with Ruined Teeth – and Clinicians aren’t Struck Off Despite History of Harming Clients

A boom in dentists who offer cosmetic treatments without training is leaving a growing number of patients with ruined teeth, it has been reported. Dentists are profiting from a huge rise in treatments including teeth whitening and veneers, as more Britons spend thousands of pounds to get a winning smile. But experts have warned that many of those who claim to be cosmetic specialists are under qualified general practitioners in search of a ‘quick buck’.

Mr. Christopher Dean, director of the UK Dental Law and Ethics Forum, told Katie Gibbons and Chris Smyth of the Times: “We are seeing more and more general dental practitioners leave traditional surgeries to join or set up private cosmetic firms. Many complain that the NHS does not remunerate adequately – unfortunately, cosmetic dentistry is easy money. This is the gold rush.”

Mr. Dean said he had reported a number of individuals guilty of ‘horrifically negligent practice’ to the General Dental Council but said they were still on the register and profiteering from patients – who they treated as ‘customers’.

The top-earning private dentists in the UK made a collective turnover of almost £1billion in 2014 – up 22 per cent on 2010 – with treatments including ‘smile analyses’ and sonic polishing, research shows.

Analysis by finance provider LDF says the rise is because Britons are shelling out thousands of pounds for private treatment.

Private cosmetic dentistry was worth £2 billion last year, up from £1.6 billion in 2011, according to market research organisation Mintel. Patients have already spent some £2.4 billion on private treatments this year. – Stephanie Linning and Amie Gordon, Mailonline